All programs below have been produced and directed by Rob Byrd of Moondog Productions.


Time & Chance

A full hour feature documentary taking an in-depth look at the turbulent presidency of Gerald R. Ford. This production was released in the top 50 PBS markets nationally and is comprised of interviews from such people as Former President Ford,Vice President Dick Cheney, Helen Thomas, L. William Seidman, Peter Secchia, Mort Kondrake, James Cannon, Tom DeFranks, Former Governor Jennifer Granholm and Duncan Littlefair as well as narrated by Frontline and Nova’s Will Lyman. This production was nominated for an Emmy Award.



SnowTrails TV and Moondog Productions chronicle this once in a lifetime snowmobile adventure. From Sault Ste. Marie, Michigan to Tok, Alaska this journey will show just how far some people will go for snowmobiling. Through trials and tribulations, see how the MichCanSkan's pulled together to accomplish this improbable journey.

Documentary (Short Film)

Gerald R. Ford Turning 90

This half hour documentary presents a local look at the life of Gerald R. Ford. Featuring interviews with Vice-President Dick Cheney, former presidential advisor William Seidman and New York Daily News Reporter Tom DeFranks. This feature Documentary launched the production of a full hour national release for 2004.